University Housing Units

Diverse, dedicated, dynamic and innovative — these are just a few words to describe the staff of University Housing. More than 800 skilled professionals create a safe and welcoming home for our residents and guests every day.

Each of our units plays a key role for University Housing. Learn more about how each unit serves our mission and strategic goals. You can view University Housing's administrative organizational chart, and see organizational charts by unit below.

University Housing Administration

Business Services

Business services keeps University Housing running smoothly. Staff work on payroll, budget planning, accounting, purchasing, labor relations, policy interpretation, labor contract administration, project management and more. Employees within business services manage the entire life cycle of an employee including hiring, onboarding and the exit process.

Business Services Organizational Chart

Dining Services

Dining Services focus on making sure our residents are well served and eating tasty, sustainable and healthy meals. At the same time, our team provides high-end catering options that can service weddings, events and parties. Staff within our dining team also work on nutrition, operations, training, menu planning and so much more. While University Housing employs over 1,000 student staff each year, hundreds of those student staff members work on the dining staff and are a key part of the team. 

Organizational Charts:
Dining Administration
Dining Catering
Dining Equipment & Facilities
Dining Housing Food Stores
Dining Ikenberry
Dining ISR
Dining LAR
Dining PAR
Dining Residential Dining Halls

Family & Graduate Housing

Managing two graduate upper-division residence halls and three apartment complexes, Family & Graduate Housing staff facilitate resident events, leasing, a preschool and much more. Family & Graduate Housing focuses on providing needed services for residents with families as well as upper-division students and visiting scholars.

FGH Organizational Chart


With 26 residence halls, three apartment complexes, nine dining locations, multiple storage facilities, miles of sidewalk, a quad and so much more to care for - our facilities team has its hands full. University Housing Facilities include maintenance, facility planning, engineering, interior design and building service. 

Organizational Charts:
Facilities Administration
Facilities Building Service
Facilities Maintenance
Facilities Planning

Housing Information & Marketing

Housing Information & Marketing focuses on meeting the communications and logistical needs of current and potential residents. Staff respond to resident concerns, facilitate the signing of contracts, operate the logistics of room selection and resident placement. Together, team members tell the Housing story by providing graphic design, analysis, reporting, photo/video, writing and communications services across the department. HI&M staff also support other Housing units by providing strategic services like occupancy planning, assessment, marketing strategy and more.

HI&M Organizational Chart

Inclusion & Talent Development

Inclusion & Talent Development within University Housing provides development, training and strategic leadership resources to staff. This unit leads Housing efforts around equity, diversity and inclusion through the design and delivery of strategic initiatives and development experiences.

ITD Organizational Chart

Residential Life

Residential Life staffs and manages university residence halls with a focus on student success both in and out of the classroom.  As educators we utilize a curricular model focused on academic success, social justice exploration, personal growth and community engagement. We develop intentional strategies to help our students explore the dynamic world around them and how they not only fit into it but can learn how to lead from within it.

Staff work with our residents to make the halls feel like home. We provide engagement and leadership opportunities, offer living-learning community experiences, host special events and conferences and ensure student safety. Whether a resident is from far away or just down the road, our staff want the residence hall experience here to feel comfortable, safe, celebratory and welcoming for all.

Organizational Charts:
Res Life Academic Programs
Res Life Administration
Res Life Hall Supervision & Staffing
Res Life I&LE + CSE + CSSP